International Program

The International Program at 澳门六合彩正版资料 provides high quality education for international students. This is done in an environment designed specifically for senior students. 澳门六合彩正版资料’s senior campus is built within the grounds of Federation University’s Gippsland Campus; there are no distractions from junior students. 澳门六合彩正版资料 students have access to university services such as the student union and cafeteria, the library and sporting facilities. Federation University students are also available to coach 澳门六合彩正版资料 students free of charge.

If you are required to do a language program before beginning your Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) studies this can also be done at 澳门六合彩正版资料’s Language Centre. There is no need to start your studies at one school and then change school (and sometimes living arrangements) to finish your VCE. The Language Centre and its qualified staff ensure that new students get the appropriate grounding in English while meeting and working with the students who will be their classmates in the future. If necessary, further support in English is available for students after they have completed their language program.

At 澳门六合彩正版资料, we understand that while a high quality education is important when choosing a school, it is also important that you are in an environment where you feel safe and supported. The school is located in an area used to catering for international students. There are also College staff who speak Mandarin and Japanese. These staff assit with everyday needs, act as a link between the student and their teachers, and can speak directly to parents about progress. They also understand the cultural needs of international students and can help them make the shift from home to living and studying in Australia.

Studying in Victoria

Victorian government schools are a destination of choice for international students. Our schools provide international students with a high-quality education, excellent English language tuition, caring welfare support services, secure homestay, and pathways to higher education. To learn more about studying and living in Victoria as an international student, see:

About our school

澳门六合彩正版资料 is part of an exciting education development - positioned within the beautiful grounds of Federation University. This partnership allows 澳门六合彩正版资料 students to use university facilities and services, including the library, sports facilities and tutoring. 澳门六合彩正版资料 provides international students with a unique environment and a full range of Victorian Certificate of Education subjects. The college is a great place to achieve academic success and experience Australian culture.

To learn more about the types of subjects and supports available for international students, see: .

How to apply

Most international students must apply to the Department of Education in order to study in a Victorian government school. To learn about the application types and to apply, see:

Contact our school

For more information about international students, please contact the below staff member.

International Student Coordinator (ISC): James Yao or Linda Yin

Phone: +613 5132 3800

Email: or

Generic school email:

澳门六合彩正版资料 is accredited under the Department of Education’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education, 00861K). For more information, see:

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 澳门六合彩正版资料 is accredited under the Department of Education's CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education, 00861K). For further information refer to .